Off-the-Clock Work – Unpaid Wages

Working “off-the-clock” is probably the most common violation across the country in many, many, different industries.  Employers may NOT ask you to perform work off the clock, either before your shift begins or after you shift ends.       Typical examples include: – Prepare your work area; get dressed in required work clothes, safety… Read more »

Misclassified Employees – Unpaid Overtime

Are you a salaried or “exempt” employee?  If so you may be misclassified as such, and may be entitled to overtime pay if you are working more than 40 hours each week. Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) some employees are “exempt” from receiving overtime pay (or, in other words, are not entitled… Read more »

Independent Contractors – Unpaid Benefits and Taxes

Employers are hiring more “independent contractors” than ever before. They are doing so in an effort to reduce or cut labor costs, often the biggest portion of the overhead necessary to provide services or produce a product.  Also, by doing so employers may shift the burden for employment taxes from themselves to their “contractors,” and… Read more »